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Lectures and workshops

Tzvia gives a lecture

Zviya's zoo - or, innovation as a tool for personal change

Together we will review the principles of innovation  in organizations through the behavior of pandas, giraffes, monkeys, goldfish and more - and we will see how the lessons they teach us can be used by each and every one of us in our daily lives, at work, with the children and with the family 


A funny, in-depth and above all inspiring lecture 

 The duration of the lecture is about an hour, the lecture is combined with fun workshop sections. At the end, the participants will leave with initial tips for a happy life

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The Do's & Don'ts - how do you work with large organizations and stay alive to tell the story?

One of the dreams of every startup is to break into the market. In most cases, conducting pilots and partnerships with large companies are part of the milestones that a startup has to pass

 WIN-WIN for both parties  - The large organization wants innovation, the start-up wants to succeed, seemingly easy


So why does the process fail so many times?


In the lecture we will understand the decision-making processes in organizations, the barriers, we will practice the language of the organization (as opposed to the language of start-ups) and we will understand how to conduct ourselves with the organizations at the administrative, business, and proprietary leveland the cultural

The lecture lasts about an hour. The lecture is intended for startups and accelerator managers who want to produce

success ratessignificant in the field


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How did Thomas Edison not invent the electric light bulb, and how did what he did invent put humanity on the spot?

A lecture that will shatter everything you knew about the invention of the electric light bulb and, in fact, electricity in the service of man. The lecture will review the development of the electricity system in a humorous way, examine its impact on climate change and present the future trends in the field, starting with blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, laser and more


Intended for innovation people, employees, companies in the energy field and anyone interested in how energy is going to change theThe world as we know it


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