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 My Vision

Innovation Management

A Paradigm Shift in the Energy Transition

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My Vision

Energy. Innovation. Management slogan

So you appointed an innovation manager, you performed a hackathon, maybe you joined an accelerator - maybe you even gave  innovation a chance to operate for a year or two, but you don't see any Results

What should we do? how much time should we wait?
 What should we do in order to achieve bottom-line results?

You have come to the right place to make

Your Vision a Reality 

In the last 20 years, I have created Innovation systems from scratch in Israel's largest corporates, and I'm here to help you


For the most part of the past 20 years, I have played a significant role combing technologies with the business in general and with bottom line KPI's in particular. To do this, I have developed various innovation strategies and methodologies and strived to make the energy-tech industry a reality..

My vision is to make innovation a legitimate profession, which would become as common as biz dev. or HR. A discipline which is well Instilled in the ecosystem the understanding that innovation is not a buzz, or a cool thing, but an additional business tool to strengthen the goals and success of organizations contributing the the triple bottom-line. 

I help organizations do it right with proven, fast and sustainable results, I provide accessible and easy to implement tools, training and methodologies to innovation managers, connecting them to communities, sharing knowledge, and more.


Energy is a key factor in the was of climate-change because it is responsible for the bulk of pollutive emissions into the atmosphere. Energy-Tech is one of the practical ways to deal with them.

My vision is to create an understanding of the role of innovation in the development of the Israeli energy economy and its importance in global warming and to take an active part in the change that is taking place, through the creation of future thinking tools, knowledge sharing, investments in companies, human capital, and more.

מה אני עושה

How Can We Help You?

connecting the dots - slogan
מהפכת האנרגיה
ניהול חדשנות
Hands holding a lightbulb- describing the upcoming energy revolution

The Energy Transition

the agricultural revolution,

the industrial Revolution,

The knowledge revolution

And the next revolution - the energy revolution

in the 150 years, since the first electricity grid was introduced on Penn Street in New York, the way in which electricity is produced and the way in which it travels from the place of production to the end user has not changed dramatically.

The raw materials used to create the steam that drives the turbine have changed from fossil fuels to renewable energies,  electricity can be transferred over thousands of kilometers and between continents, but the concept in which central power plants provide energy to consumers has not changed.

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Innovation Management

In the last twenty years, innovation has gone from something that is talked about in organizations, to an organized and measurable discipline. At the same time, as in any new profession, the ceremonial aspects, such as hackathons and competitions, started to define innovation instead of being supporting tools for it. The innovation theatre prevails over the methodological and daily Sisyphean work.

My mission is to create recognition for the innovation profession, create acceptable and orderly work processes for it , build KPI's and ROI's and create relevant and real innovation tools for organizations that will ultimately affect the organization's bottom line.

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far away blurry lights at night

"My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that." Alice in Wonderland

About Me

I'm Zviya  Baron- an international expert for setting up complex systems and managing them mainly in the worlds of Energy-tech and innovation. Twenty years ago, I had the honor of being one of the founding mothers of the energy tech world in Israel, becoming one of the leading figures in the field of innovation in Israel.

I established two innovation ecosystems from scratch for two of the largest companies, and created working innovation systems that produce results - time and time again, for companies, government agencies and countries in Israel and around the world.

​after  25 years in which I live, breathe and dream innovation mainly in the worlds of energy - I believe that despite the certain erosion of the word innovation, and perhaps because of it, the time has come to produce the profession and methodologies behind the establishment of innovation systems and their successful management.

​A final word, what does energy have to do with it? Energy is the next revolution, after the information revolution - it is one of the keys to the fight against global warming and climate change. I discovered that the gaps between what people think and the actual way the energy market is run are huge. in the energy part,

​I would love to share new technologies, explanations of how things work and the connection between energy and climate.

Thank you for choosing to go on a journey with me

Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world with it" Archimedes"
מוכנים לחדשנות?-בית

Are you ready for innovation?

The number of times the word "innovation" appeared in Google searches has increased by hundreds percent in the last ten years.

About 40% of large companies had an innovation manager, a study from 2014 reported , but most CEOs interviewed claimed that the position was a type of public relations and that its value to the organization was not clear enough.

Fast forward, eight years later, and innovation is still not considered a discipline like  other disciplines.

For the first time in Hebrew, we have prepared a questionnaire that will allow you to bring innovation to the center stage.

The following questionnaire will help you understand the maturity level of their innovation. Is it in the germination, growth or ripening stage, what is there and what is still missing and also, will give teasers for thinking about how it can be taken forward and help the organization achieve its goals.

The questionnaire is based on a unique model that I developed - Ready, Steady, GoInnovation!

traffic light diagram of how to connect the dots - by Zviya Baron

The model is based on 20 years of active experience in advising large organizations and establishing innovation systems in the largest organizations in Israel.


The questionnaire is completely free and the time to answer it does not exceed 10 minutes Successfully!

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