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Hi, I'm Zviya Baron

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An Energy-Tech & Innovation Expert

Zviya Baron, is the Founder of Connecting the Dots -Energy Tech, Sustainability & Innovation
consulting firm. She is a seasoned energy innovation professional with 25years of hands-on technology & investment experience and eco-system building. She is considered one of the founding “mothers” of this industry in Israel. 

For the past six years, she has formed two innovation divisions from scratch and managed them at the Israeli Aerospace Industries and the Israeli Electric Company, two of the largest companies in Israel.

For ten years,  acted as Director of Innovation at Petroquantum B.V, a Dutch based energy-consulting firm, where she incepted the innovation practice. She formed innovation strategies and designed innovation policiesand tools for academia, government agencies and the industry alike. She alsoserved as the "in-house" advisor of the Israeli National Innovation Energycommittee at the Israeli National R&D Council which was aimed at buildingand expanding the energy eco-system in Israel. She has started her energy-tech career as CEO of an energy start-up company.

Ms. Baron is a key-note speaker in many conferences and think tanks on innovation and energy.
She earned her BA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her MBA at the
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.




About Me

As far as I remember, I've been an innovator. Always doubting, always asking why, but always providing real life solutions from other worlds to problems, always moving the cheese and  always brave enough to do it despite opposition.

From the very beginning, I had a passion for doing something new time and time again and solving big and small problems in different spaces. My curiosity has brought me to many interesting places and experiences, throughout different technologies, industries and business models.

 I'm Zviya  Baron- an international expert for setting up complex systems and managing them mainly in the worlds of Energy-tech and innovation. Twenty years ago, I had the honor of being one of the founding mothers of the energy tech world in Israel, becoming one of the leading figures in the field of innovation in Israel.

I established two innovation ecosystems from scratch for two of the largest companies, and created working innovation systems that produce results - time and time again, for companies, government agencies and countries in Israel and around the world.

after  25 years in which I live, breathe and dream innovation mainly in the worlds of energy - I believe that despite the certain erosion of the word innovation, and perhaps because of it, the time has come to produce the profession and methodologies behind the establishment of innovation systems and their successful management.

A final word, what does energy have to do with it? Energy is the next revolution, after the information revolution - it is one of the keys to the fight against global warming and climate change. I discovered that the gaps between what people think and the actual way the energy market is run are huge. in the energy part,

I would love to share new technologies, explanations of how things work and the connection between energy and climate.

Thank you for choosing to go on a journey with me

Zviya Baron Photo
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